Cool for School Campaign

What is Cool for School?

School uniforms can prove costly for growing families and often parents need support with uniform which is essential for their child to attend school and fit in with their peers.

What is Cool for School?
How does it work?

How does it work?

A family may have moved into new schools and a new area at short notice due to them fleeing domestic violence; children may have outgrown their school uniform just before the end of term and finances make it difficult to buy a full new uniform and P~E kit at that moment in time - there are many scenarios why families need our help with school uniform.

Families across Shropshire donate preloved uniforms to our donation points. Schools and organisations can refer families to us to provide what they need if we have the sizes in stock. 

In specific circumstances, we may use charity funds to buy new uniforms for families and of course, this helps the planet as fewer uniforms are thrown away.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

We know children can feel uncomfortable when they don’t have the right uniform or they don’t fit them correctly. Cool for School helps children fit in with their peers and removes one of the possible barriers of them attending school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to help families to have the best start in life?

Our team at Little Stars works hard to ensure babies and children have the essential items so they are clean, clothed and safe.

We know parents are often under huge financial stress which can mean they can’t always provide these basic essentials.

We are here to help. Health professionals, partner agencies and schools refer parents to our charity so we can provide that all important help.

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What People Say About Us

When first introduced to Leanne a few years ago I was immediately inspired by what she was doing for little ones who most needed help, combined with her own young family to look after as well as a role managing others too.


Little Stars has blossomed into a wonderful force for good by simply doing everything it can to help those most in need. Any charity involving children tugs the heart strings and Little Stars is no different. Leanne is the difference though, we are so proud to help in any way we can. So many babies and young children have Little Stars to thank for being there and doing so much good. We can and should do more to support charities like Little Stars

- Neal Hooper, Managing Director, Aico

Leanne contacted Shrewsbury Homes for All to see if Little Stars Baby Bank could make a difference to some of the more vulnerable clients we support. We thought this was a fantastic sounding service and made referrals straight away! The Little Stars team have worked with our clients to provide essentials and much needed baby goods which without the referral they may have missed out on. This has all been done in a speedy, flexible, and professional manner with feedback provided.

It is so fantastic that we have this great facility to draw on and we are proud to be referral partners for such a vital service.

- Joanne Gough, Chief Officer, Shrewsbury Homes for All

Last year, during my year in office as the high sheriff of Shropshire, I was delighted to come across Little Stars Baby Bank.

The care, love and dignity that is shown in putting together all the pre-loved and new items in their extensive baby bundles is exceptional.

Leanne and her team work to provide a helping hand to families in need to make every new parent to feel special and give their child the best start in life. What a fantastic facility to have in the county.

- Dean Harris, Former High Sheriff of Shropshire

Little Stars has been an amazing life-saving service for our clients.

We have been overwhelmed with the beautiful items donated for our vulnerable clients and their babies.

- Rachel Greatorex, Family Nurse

Little Stars has good understanding and empathy for the difficult situations every day families are facing across Shropshire. A wonderful, non-judgemental service providing equipment, they rallied when a mum needed items quickly due to an imminent hospital admission following health concerns. Thank you Little Stars.

Little Stars have been amazing to families in the Shropshire area during this time of uncertainty.  They have provided families with large pieces of essential baby equipment that families otherwise may have struggled to purchase.  The equipment that Little Stars have provided include Cots, bedding, mobiles and bouncing chairs.  All of which have been clean and in excellent condition.  The families are so grateful for this help and support and it is nice to see them smile. 

Thank you for all you do Little Stars.

Little Stars have been working together with our Early Help Family Drop in here in Oswestry. They have allowed families to access basic essentials for parents, children and babies. Little Stars have also helped our families by providing them with bigger items that are families cannot afford at this challenging time.

I have asked for assistance from the Little Stars Baby Bank on numerous occasions, in order to aid and support families in Shropshire who have limited resources and are in desperate need of support, and every time Leanne and the team have come through, providing hospital bags, clothing, hygiene items, cots and even a double pram! Without the service the most at risk members of our community would be left without the most basic items needed to ensure their children are clothed and have appropriate items to ensure they are safe and can thrive. I cannot recommend the service enough and I hope they continue to grow as a service.

I wanted to send some feedback over about the baby bank and the support that I have found from this. I have referred in a few of my families for the baby and maternity packages and they have always been amazing and filled with so many things for both mum and baby. The parcels are packed with good quality and lovely items that my families have been very grateful for. You provide a brilliant service to those that needs the most help and this is an invaluable service for the families we work with. The parcels are always done so quickly and prepared well and even with being able to transport them to our offices is amazing! I have told colleagues about the service and think that we need to continue to be positive about the work you all do so this can continue. It is having such a positive influence on the families we work with and we are very grateful for the support.

What a great service Little Stars is, it has been really good for me as I work with families and have been able to get essential equipment for them that they would have either gone without or just ended up in debt for, the cost of living crisis has been very difficult for so many and Little Stars had made a BIG difference to many.  Thank you and I hope people continue to support a brilliant service.